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Case Study

Elevating Luxury Living

Easy Living Home Elevators was involved in every new release stage in the luxurious architecturally designed homes enjoying spectacular views of Manly beach and ocean views up the coastline to the North, setting the standard in quality in this magnificent location.

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Manly, NSW

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St Patricks Estate, Montpelier Place in Manly, is an architect’s dream location. As such, a never to be repeated site should adopt one approach – designed by some of Australia’s most acclaimed architects including Popov, Tanner and Tzannes.

The objective is clear: to craft homes that harmonise with the site's inherent beauty and establish a lasting legacy of design excellence for generations to come.

Project Partners

Lend Lease Development

St Patrick's Estate

St Patrick’s Estate, nestled between Bower Street and Cardinal Cerretti Chapel in Manly, is renowned for its state-of-the-art luxury residences boasting northerly ocean and coastal views. The exclusive development by Lend Lease features homes tucked into the hillside, providing a tranquil haven with breathtaking scenery.
Advantage elevators provide a future where luxury and convenience effortlessly intertwine.

Architectural Harmony with an Advantage Lift

Easy Living Home Elevators was entrusted with seamlessly integrating the Advantage elevators into the architecturally designed homes. The goal was clear — to enhance the luxurious living experience while ensuring the elevators seamlessly blend into the homes’ aesthetic.

Italian Craftsmanship and Style

Immersed in a palette of white walls, ceiling adorned with downlights, and beautiful grey PVC flooring, the Advantage lift effortlessly becomes a subtle yet integral part of the home’s interior. The carefully chosen elements create a symphony of cool tones, ensuring that the elevator not only blends seamlessly into the space but also complements the overall aesthetic with finesse.

Easy Living Home Elevators has woven a success story that takes luxury living to new heights. The Advantage elevators go beyond just being functional additions; they seamlessly blend with both the architectural design and accessibility of the homes. For those in search of an enhanced living experience, Easy Living Advantage elevators offer a sneak peek into a future where luxury and convenience seamlessly come together.

The incorporation of Easy Living Advantage lifts into the architectural design, represents a strategic move to future-proof homes, encapsulating the essence of “easy living” for homeowners. The decision to seamlessly integrate these state-of-the-art elevators isn’t just about the present; it’s an investment in the future, ensuring that residences remain both stylish and functional for years to come.

The Advantage elevators provided by Easy Living not only meet the highest standards of safety and performance but also align perfectly with our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art luxury residences. The sleek design, advanced safety features, and smooth performance of the elevators have become integral components in the overall success of our development.


Easy Living Home Elevators introduces a touch of Italian craftsmanship to Australian luxury residences

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White ceiling with downlights

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