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Case Study

Elevating Luxury Living

Unveiling SMARTAFRAME innovation in luxury living.
Explore the pinnacle of architectural brilliance and technological advancement with Easy Living Home Elevators at Caloundra Cay.

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Palm Lake Resort Caloundra Cay

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Step into a world where cutting-edge technology meets opulent living – the spotlight is on Smart Elevator Innovation in the collaborative efforts of Easy Living Home Elevators and Palm Lake Group. This project showcase unravels the revolutionary impact of SMARTAFRAME technology, showcasing its influence on streamlined construction, efficiency gains, and the accolades that establish Caloundra Cay as the pinnacle of contemporary luxury living.

Join us in exploring the forefront of residential design innovation as we delve into the transformative realm of smart elevator solutions.

Project Partners

Palm Lake Group

Easy Living Home Elevators partners with Palm Lake Group to incorporate 70 elevators complete with SMARTAFRAME

Elevating Luxury

The Palm Lake Group is renowned for crafting architecturally designed homes exuding elegance and sophistication. With a history spanning over 40 years, their residential creations have predominantly featured comfortable, aesthetically pleasing two-bedroom single-storey dwellings. However, the introduction of Caloundra Cay marks a pivotal shift as the group redefines luxury living. This Sunshine Coast haven not only upholds their award-winning design legacy but elevates it—literally. Departing from their norm, Caloundra Cay proudly presents two-storey home designs seamlessly integrating internal elevators as standard features.

This transformation is realized through a partnership with Easy Living Home Elevators, a trailblazer in Australia’s elevator industry. Collaborating with Palm Lake Group, Easy Living Home Elevators introduces an innovation poised to redefine luxurious living at Caloundra Cay Resort.

More than a residential enclave, Caloundra Cay stands as a testament to innovation, opulence, and the pursuit of excellence. As residents step into their two-storey abodes with internal elevators, they enter a realm where convenience, aesthetics, and modernity harmoniously converge. Easy Living Home Elevators’ commitment to pushing elevator technology boundaries aligns seamlessly with Palm Lake Group’s dedication to crafting homes that transcend the ordinary.

Two-storey home designs seamlessly integrate internal elevators as standard features.

The Innovation: SMARTAFRAME Self-Supporting Structure

The standout feature of the project was the introduction of the SMARTAFRAME self-supporting structure, a groundbreaking departure from traditional construction methods, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to building elevators.

Key Benefits Achieved:

Streamlined Construction: Preassembling the SMARTAFRAME system in the factory reduced truck traffic, equipment clutter, and material suppliers at the construction site, enhancing productivity and minimising distractions.

Ease of Installation: The SMARTAFRAME system addressed common issues associated with traditional shaft construction methods, requiring less supervision and time for installation compared to blockwork that heavily relies on skilled labor.

Speed: With the SMARTAFRAME system’s offsite manufacturing and integration into the build, the on-site construction timeline significantly shortened. Delays due to weather and subcontractor scheduling were eliminated, resulting in faster installation and overall project completion.

Builder Benefits and Advantages: Builders benefited from ultimate control over schedules, reduced critical path reliance, and simplified on-site installation. The SMARTAFRAME technology ensured efficient delivery and installation, contributing to substantial time savings and greater project certainty.

Space, Time, and Cost Savings: The SMARTAFRAME’s structural design accommodated small spaces, and its off-site preassembly resulted in an average 25% overall cost saving compared to traditional methods. This led to significant time and cost savings by eliminating storage requirements for elevator components and accelerating construction.

Recognition and Awards: Easy Living Home Elevators’ innovation was acknowledged as a TOP 3 finalist at the 2021 HIA-CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards in the “Product Innovation” category, emphasising their dedication to pioneering groundbreaking technologies supporting the residential building industry.

In a remarkable fusion of architectural elegance and modern convenience, Palm Lake Group’s collaboration with Easy Living Home Elevators has given rise to Caloundra Cay—a pinnacle of luxury living. With pioneering two-storey home designs seamlessly integrated with internal elevators, Caloundra Cay represents a harmonious convergence of aesthetics and innovation. This collaboration stands as a testament to Easy Living Home Elevators’ dedication to pushing boundaries and Palm Lake Group’s commitment to crafting homes that transcend norms.

Palm Lake Resort, Caloundra Cay, is not just a destination; it’s an embodiment of the boundless possibilities when industry leaders unite to reshape luxury residential design.

From our initial meeting, we knew we chose the right elevator company. Easy Living Home Elevators worked seamlessly with our construction program. Off-site manufacturing and assembly allowed parallel completion with on-site works, slashing our project timeline when 8 elevators were installed in one day!

Palm Lake Group

SMARTAFRAME technology ensures efficient delivery and installation, contributing to substantial time savings and greater project certainty.

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