Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question that you need answered? Perhaps you can find the information you seek amongst our Frequently Asked Questions below:

What is the quality of Easy Living lifts?

Quality is what makes our “Easy Living Advantage Lift” stand out from other types of home lifts in the market today. This world-leading equipment has been designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe. It has been specifically “built to last” and to date, it continues to deliver its promise of quality, reliability and safety, along with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

It’s designed around the requirements of a residential property, maximising the usable space within your home. This, combined with low maintenance and running costs, makes the Easy Living Lift range the most-bought home elevators in Australia.


What is the quality of your swinging doors?

These are the most popular, simplistic, far less moving parts, with a 25+ year working life.


Are there sliding doors?

This is purchased for the look and usability when having a door swinging into the passageway is not appropriate.


What about the glass in doors?

Frosted glass doors are used so that the interior of the lift shaft cannot be seen (for example, raw brick or mechanism can be off-putting for some people). Clear glass doors can be used if you’re after an industrial look.


Is there a warranty?

There is a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all Easy Living Advantage Lift swing door models in residential applications.

Easy Living Home Elevators only install the best quality lifts. We are so confident in the quality of our products; we are actually the first lift company in Australia to offer 3-year warranties on residential lifts.


Where is the lift manufactured?

The Easy Living lift range is proudly designed, developed and manufactured in personally selected factories around the world. Safety is the most important aspect and by manufacturing it to the highest quality and safety standards, we know that we are providing you with a superior lift product that is built to last!


What is the biggest technological advancement you offer?

We’re extremely excited to offer the GeckoOS smart elevator monitoring software.

The GeckoOS is revolutionary, which allows our highly skilled engineers to monitor your elevator, maximising its performance quickly & effectively, all while at the same time reducing costs by minimising the need to send our technicians to your home.

You can find more information about GeckoOS here.


What is the power usage like?

The Easy Living Advantage Lift range has been designed with optimum energy conservation features, ensuring extremely low running costs. We have 25amp single phase low power consumption, with the only energy required to push the lift car up, thus only using the same power as a small electrical appliance! Easy Living Evolution with sliding doors requires 3phase power.


What are the safety features?

Our standard safety features include:

– Integrated automatic emergency lowering battery system to allow the car to lower to the lowest floor and unlock the door in the event of mains power failure.

– Full height light ray car safety entrance protection to the car door openings, for total passenger protection through the lift doorway.

– GeckoOS state-of-the-art smart technology provides ease of use with real-time data logging, smartphone connectivity and future proofing. Lifts can be controlled from the smartphone for those finding it hard to press the button (or for wheelchair assistance).


What’s the energy efficiency like?

We provide a reduced power start hydraulic system and auto-off lighting system in the lift car, which is a car light timer automatically switched the car light off after use to save power consumption. LED downlights from our standard range of lighting last up to 50 times longer than halogen lighting and consume about 20% of the energy. You also have the ability to park at last point of destination to avoid unnecessary travel and waiting times.


Do they make a loud noise?

The Easy Living range of lifts provide safe, ultra-smooth and whisper quiet drive systems. We invite you to come and visit our showrooms with operational lifts on display, and put us to the test.


Are there different sizes available?

Our Easy Living range of lifts are custom-built and designed to fit almost anywhere within your home, both indoors and outdoors, with minimum architectural impact and builder’s works. Plus, they are available in over 90 design variations.


What is the smallest size?

The smallest size we can offer is 600mm wide x 600mm deep in the lift car, to comply with Australian Standards.


What is the largest size?

To truly future proof the home, we recommend a lift to accommodate a wheelchair and a carer – For example the Easy Living Advantage lift can take up to 400kg and measures 1130mm wide x 1400mm deep, 1500mm wide x 1550mm deep in shaft size. This allows you to get a spacious lift car with a minimum footprint.


What is the likely cost?

You get what you pay for! We have over 8292 (and counting) happy customers with lifts in their homes in our maintenance system. The quality of our lift speaks for itself.

We at Easy Living Home Elevators pride ourselves on providing the best quality and the best value. In the lift industry right now, there’s a clear distinction between a product that’s great value and one that’s just plain cheap. Great value wins every time.


Is a crane required for installation?

No crane is required. All our Easy Living Lifts can be carried through landing entrance doors, which means we don’t need to crane the lift in from the top of the shaft. This results in no hold-ups waiting for the lift to arrive, no street blockages and no crane hire costs, which can run into thousands of dollars.


Will it need a load bearing wall?

Only one wall needs to be a structural wall, while all other walls can be lightweight.

A load bearing wall must be either poured concrete, pre-cast concrete, core-filled reinforced block, or steel columns as designed by a structural engineer.


What about a non-load bearing wall?

Can be timber or metal stud construction, provided this method is engineer-approved. The builder must provide a smooth finish internally with plasterboard – a 6mm Villaboard or similar.


Is there a machine room?

Our tiny single phase self-contained control cabinets reduce the lift area requirements, maximising the usable space within your home. 


What does the tower look like?

The tower is makes for a statement within your home. The glass tower plays an important role; it ensures the lift integrates architecturally within every level of the home and does not obstruct beautiful views from any angle of the dwelling. It provides views, natural light and a sense of spaciousness, and takes up less floor space than the masonry alternative. Each wall of an aluminium tower frame is only 50mm thick compared to the average masonry wall which is approximately 190mm thick on each side.


Is after service required?

We are there when needed with local and international support! We offer ongoing support for your lift with our special diagnostic equipment, where the lift can be monitored remotely using our GeckoOS software.

Easy Living Home Elevators delivers the technical expertise, special diagnostic equipment and genuine parts required to keep your elevator in optimum condition. With over 8292+ happy customers in our maintenance system Australia-wide over the past 20 years, we are here to stay.

If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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