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Seamless Living

Discover Seamless Living with the Evolution Lift. Explore opulent features, versatile functionality, and contemporary design in the success story of an Australian family. Elevate your home today!

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Bardon, QLD

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Tailored for the specific needs of this Australian family, the home’s design ensures seamless living with Evolution Lift, catering to their present requirements and anticipates future necessities. A dynamic household with a baby and a toddler, the residence spans three stories, posing a potential challenge in navigating daily life with young children. In a thoughtful decision, the couple chose to integrate a Evolution lift into the design, not merely as a functional element tucked away in a corner but as a striking centerpiece.........and what a centrepiece it is!

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Seamless Living with Evolution Lift
The Easy Living Evolution Lift spans three levels as a striking centerpiece

Elevating Home Design

Craig and Ella chose the Evolution Lift, and opted for the 1100x1400mm lift car to accommodate their kids, prams, pets, and “our wheelchairs in the far distant future” say the clients. Designed into a masonry shaft with glass inserts, the lift offers captivating views as it ascends and descends, providing ever-changing snapshots of the surroundings. The three-story lift shaft, adorned with white subway tiles, complements the mosaic-tiled floor, introducing a crisp dimension to the design. The LED strip lighting along the shaft (blue in our photos), configurable in various colors, allows the homeowners to set the mood, “For Christmas, we might have red and green”, joke the owners. Or maybe they weren’t joking? Either way, it’s bound to look stunning.
Seamless Living with Evolution Lift
Featuring automatic stainless steel sliding doors, optional self supporting glass and steel towers, low pit and headroom dimensions. The Easy Living Evolution V3 Lift has all bases covered.

Luxurious Transcendence

Elevating the Evolution Lift to a realm of opulence, its premium glass doors, framed in brushed stainless steel, not only exude luxury but also contribute to an open and expansive atmosphere, allowing an abundance of natural light. The interior finishes of the lift are timeless and high-end, featuring brushed stainless steel, a mirrored glass wall on the rear, and transparent glass on the right-hand side, maximises natural light into the lift car. The Easy Living Evolution Lift goes beyond its immediate function, symbolising an investment in the home’s future. Strategically placed alongside the stairs, it becomes a prominent feature.

The exposed lift shaft runs through the three floors and with the addition of the LED strip lighting it looks amazing at night, and stylish and sculptural during the day. The lift shaft is also very intriguing, given that you don’t often see the mechanical workings of a lift in a residential home. We opted for the larger size, and while it’s wonderful for getting the children, shopping, dogs, and prams up and down, we can also shift furniture in it when we need to.


Seamless Living with Evolution Lift
The Evolution Lift is strategically placed alongside the stairs.

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Seamless Living with Evolution Lift stainless steel brushed


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