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What Are You Looking For In Your Domestic Lift?


At Easy Living Home Elevators we understand that there are a range of factors to be considered when choosing a domestic lift.


Perhaps you want the most luxurious lift available, or maybe having an eco-friendly elevator is important to you. Whatever your priorities, we are at your service.

Here we’ve broken down some of the features of our domestic lifts so you can choose which best fits you and your lifestyle.



If capacity is what you’re after, look no further than the Avanti home lift. Able to lift 630 – 1,000kg or 8-13 passengers. This is the lift for you if you’re looking to transport a lot of people!

This capacity won’t weigh you down, though. With a maximum speed of one metre per second you will be set to soar with this residential lift.



If you like to live an eco-friendly lifestyle then our EcoTraq home lift is made just for you.

Designed with a geared traction system, this elevator uses minimum energy at all times. In fact due to its extremely efficient features, the EcoTraq uses less than the third of the energy of a kettle to run!

As well as this, the Ecotraq residential elevator can be powered by solar energy, making it an extremely sustainable investment.


Simple and streamlined

If easy access around your home is what you’re after, look no further than Australia’s most popular home lift, the Easy Living lift. With a capacity of 300kg, or five people – this is an amazing elevator.

Perhaps you would like to add a touch of luxury to your home. Being safe, quiet and smooth, this elevator is ideal for small-scale homes which require an elevator with a small footprint.


An extra boost

If you’re home’s a bit bigger or you’d like the option to carry a larger number of people, then the Easy Living Evolution may be just right for you.

Able to service up to six floors and with a lifting capacity of 400kg or six people, this residential lift certainly has what it takes to service your needs around the home.

Your family and friends will be thrilled to step inside this sleek, smooth and silent elevator with its abundance of style and elegance. It will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

It would be our pleasure to assist you in finding the right Easy Living Home Elevator for you. Contact us today!


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