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Our Home Elevators – Customisation Is Key


With Easy Living Home Elevators, you don’t need to worry about bad or outdated designs or anything that just doesn’t suit your character or home.

With our range of domestic lifts, there’s sure to be something for you – and with all of the options for customisation, they can be made to fit your style and decor.

Here are some customisation ideas for your home elevator.

Colour and feel

With our home elevators, you can choose the colour and finish of the walls to fit perfectly with the decor of your home.

Whether you want a chipboard or skinplate texture, laminate wood or polish effect, there is plenty out there for you and a large range of colours available.

If you’re interested in our prestige range, you can indulge yourself in stainless steel and granite.

Talk about your elevator creating an impressive feature within the home!

Shaft structure and design

Your house elevator’s structure is another important part of your design, and something else you can customise to your tastes.

Perhaps you’re after a glass elevator shaft – whether it’s clear, self-cleaning or smoked glass, or perhaps coloured, milky white, stopstol or mirrored – the choice is yours!

Down to the last button

Even the very buttons of your elevator are open to customisation! From silver stainless steel to gold coloured – and even the option of a touch screen – your elevator can be up-to-the-minute modern, or classical and classy.

Don’t forget you can also customise your door handles, control operating panels and hand rails.

There are also some extra accessories available if you want to make sure you’re fully decked out.

Light it up

Choose the ambiance and atmosphere you want in your elevator by customising your lights. Halogen or LED spotlights, firmament lights or even gently glowing floral lights are all options to consider.

Hold the door

Your elevator door should be perfect – considering it is the entrance to your lift it needs to be a feature that either stands out as a focal point or blends seamlessly into your home.

Depending on your elevator model, there are options for swing and sliding doors.

Our range of sliding doors have customisable finishes from stainless steels to frameless glass doors, you can even have it powdercoated to match your window frames with over 260 colours to select from.

Once again, our range of swing doors have customisable finishes from anodised aluminium and glass, our most popular with clients to the V1 frameless glass doors, solid – firerated steel doors are also available in over 260 colours to blend seamlessly into your home.

Our customisable residential lifts will take you to the next level in sophistication and style – however you want to customise your design – for a stunning home.


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