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Service Lifts – The Perfect Solution For Your Transportation Problems


When you’re looking to invest in an elevator, sometimes it’s for the luxury and sometimes it’s for the practicality.

Here at Easy Living, we have lifts for all walks of life – and one of the types that are very popular for practical application is a service lift.

Regardless of where you want to install the lift, there are a number of benefits to be reaped.

At Home

When you think of a home elevator, most people will think of your classic lift. However, an increasingly popular option for those looking to provide a bit of elegance and class into their homes may consider investing in a dumbwaiter.

These service lifts allow you to transport small items, such as meals, between floors through a shaft in your home. This is an extremely functional elevator solution for your home – and is sure to go down well with your guests!

At The Restaurant

If you work in hospitality, such as a bar, restaurant or café, a service lift such as a dumbwaiter can be an invaluable asset.

It can help you to run your business more efficiently, and save you the hassle of having to trudge foodstuffs between flights of stairs. This also helps to reduce the risk of safety hazards that can occur in high intensity situations.

At The Office

Whether you work in a bank, call centre, or a law firm, a service lift can be a great asset to have in your corner.

The ease of transport between offices means that if you regularly carry boxes full of documents and paperwork, you can take the strain off your back and put it in the lift’s capable hands.

This can help to reduce the overall stress you may experience on a daily basis, helping to improve productivity and overall work satisfaction.

At The Shop

If you work in a bookstore or library, the uses for a service lift are vast. After all, nobody wants to carry volumes of books up and down stairs in order to restock – this can be the cause of tiredness, stress, and unsafe work practices.

Using a service lift can help you transport your items with ease – just load them up and meet them on your desired floor.

You’ll be able to streamline your work and operate at a greater efficiency – impressing both customers and your boss.

If you’d like to investigate service lifts for your purposes, come on down to one of our Easy Living showrooms and speak to an elevator expert about your needs today!


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