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Renova Commercial Elevators, Eco-Efficient Elevator Solutions


If your company prides itself on implementing environmentally-friendly initiatives, then it may be one of your key concerns to ensure that all areas of your workplace are covered by the appropriate green policies.

Did you know that you can also take steps to be eco-efficient with your commercial elevator too?

The Renova boutique commercial lift from Easy Living Home Elevators has it all – quality, style and eco-efficiency wrapped up in one sleek European-crafted package.

This high performance commercial lift is the latest addition to Easy Living Home Elevators premium ‘Fast 4’ collection, designed for constant use in boutique commercial applications.
You will be glad to hear that the Renova commercial lift has been built to the highest quality standards, while incorporating cutting-edge technology and the most advanced safety features.

What sets the Renova commercial lift apart from other commercial lifts in the market?

The Renova lift fits the building and not the other way round.

Made in Spain, 100% European quality across design, manufacture, installation and parts. Others try to copy the design, but nobody can match the performance

The Renova commercial lift contains an extremely energy efficient, cutting-edge drive system which operates almost silently and gives passengers a comfortable, smooth ride – not a bad start for any potential customers making their way to your business!

Its advanced engineering technology also makes use of lightweight traction ropes that have greater flexibility and a longer lifespan than the conventional steel wire.

Let your company ideals and culture shine through the design of your elevator, with Renova commercial lifts fully customisable, whether you are after a sophisticated finish or luxurious touch, Easy Living Home Elevators can meet the most demanding of specifications.

What are some key features of the Renova commercial lift?

The Renova commercial lift is designed to Australian Lift Standards (AS 1735) and is safe, ultra smooth and whisper quiet, equipped with an eco-efficient lift drive system that is sure to add an extra star to your company name for going green.

This high quality Spanish commercial lift also has reduced pit and headroom, with a fully backed warranty.

On the rise

Our Renova Lift supplier, Orona have been producing high quality, high speed lifts since 1964. As one of over 600 lift manufacturers in the world our success is best measured by the fact that one in every 20 lifts in the world is now an Orona….

Come in and visit the team at the Easy Living Home Elevators showrooms to view our boutique commercial lift range. We are located in every capital city across Australia so don’t delay, visit today!


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