New Build vs. Retrofit – When Should You Install A Home Elevator?

The modern residential lift is fast becoming a must-have mobility solution for today’s home, offering homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of benefits that include improved ease of access between the various floor levels and enhanced mobility for those requiring assistance.

The important question that arises is when should homeowners consider installing a home elevator? There are two options for homeowners wanting to install a residential elevator: new home constructions and retrofits.

Australian homeowners building a new home can easily incorporate a residential lift into the initial design. The advantages here include cost-saving benefits and the seamless integration of elevator models into layout design. Homeowners with existing homes need not despair. There are suitable lift models available that are hassle-free to install without having to break the bank. A retrofit is a favourable option as opposed to moving to another home to address changing lifestyle needs.

  • Residential lift considerations for new builds

Designing a new home is a great time to include the structural and installation specification requirements of a residential lift into a home’s layout (size, placement, space, quick access). It stands to reason that homeowners have more of a choice in type and size of lift when building a home from the ground up. It also gives you more choice when integrating the elevator into the design of your home, allowing you to place it wherever you would like – an option that can be difficult with an existing home.

  • Residential lift considerations for retrofit constructions

Space is an important factor when installing residential lifts which is why Easy Living Home Elevators is a popular choice. We have a range of lifts that don’t take up a lot of room, making them easier to retrofit. You might think you would be limited in where you can place your lift but Easy Living’s home elevators only need one wall to be structural. All of our lifts can fit through doorways so there is no need to hire an expensive crane or have to take apart your home to fit it in.

Considering installing a home elevator? Discuss your individual requirements and options with one of our experienced consultants at Easy Living Home Elevators today. We have an inspiring range of residential lifts that offer unbeatable quality, value and aesthetic designs. Why not contact us to get started?


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