Leads The Way In Glass Shaft Lift Technology

If you are looking for a glass elevator in a glass shaft – whether it’s hydraulic, traction or Machine Room Less – then look no further than Easy Living Home Elevators, leading the market with over 1500 installed around Australia.


Our glass lift shafts are made in Italy….built to last!
Using laminated glass for projects demanding the highest design loads and safety performance, for both interior and exterior applications.

Architectural Feature

Glass lift shafts are a visual high end architectural design, used to create a dramatic effect within residential homes or commercial applications.
A clean modern design is easily achieved, providing views, natural light and a sense of spaciousness.

Architectural Feature1

Design freedom

A glass shaft will give you design freedom to overcome any site limitations which may include the existing design, available floor space, views or the presence of a neighbouring building.
Glass shaft technology plays a key role, offering greater design flexibility than ever before to bring out the best in projects of all styles from contemporary to classic, the newly built or renovated by enabling the optimum utilisation of floor area, creating valuable use of what may otherwise be dead space.
We welcome you into our showroom to ride our operational, innovative elevators in glass shafts, you will be impressed!

No messy builder’s works.

Our glass shafts are easily incorporated into new and existing projects.
They do not require roof removal or a crane; all components are designed to be carried in through standard doorway openings, for fast installation and reduced construction time with minimal builder’s works required.
“An average overall cost saving of about 25% is achieved when compared to using the masonry alternative”

Your quality and safety guarantee from a name you can trust

Over the past 16 years every glass shaft installed by Easy Living Home Elevators is tested to meet stringent safety requirements and ensures compliance to Australian Standards.
Easy Living Home Elevators, Australia’s largest supplier of elevators and glass shafts, only supply European quality, with world leading technology…..you can be confident you’re getting the very best.
Contact our expert lift consultants and turn your vision into a reality


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