Where Should You Install Your Home Elevator?

October 21, 2020

Where should you install your home elevator?

When you make the decision to include a home elevator in your building plans, you are faced with the choice of just where to install your residential lift.

There are a number of factors that could dictate your installation decisions, such as the layout of your home and the space available.

However if you’re facing multiple location options, you may be facing a tough decision, so it’s a good idea to think ahead and be sure. To help make this decision, you should first address the reason why you have purchased your residential elevator. Is it for convenience, mobility or style?


If you have decided to purchase a residential lift for the convenience it will provide, your ideal position will most likely be located next to the garage or front entrance to the property. This way, you will safely be able to transport shopping, strollers and other large bulky items from your car or patio into your home with ease.


If mobility is the issue, you will want to locate the home elevator near the rooms you will be spending the most time in, such as the bedroom and living areas. It could also be beneficial to consider whether the bathroom is on a separate level to the bedroom, as a late night toilet run could lead to a dangerous trip down stairs.


If you are hoping your Easy Living home elevator will add luxury and style to your home, your chosen installation location should make the most of the lifts design and flair. You may want to place the elevator near the entrance to the property, so every visitor must experience the smooth and elegant journey into your home.

Another choice is to install a freestanding glass structure in the centre of your home. In this case, a trip in your residential lift will give you a chance to survey the stylishly designed rooms in your house from a unique angle. A glass shaft can also look great as a feature outside of your home. If you have not found a space in the interior of your property, an elevator structure can be added on the outside wall.

The elegant European design of the Easy Living Advantage lift is sure to have the neighbours envious.

For further design and location tips, head into one of Easy Living’s state-of-the-art showrooms to speak with one of the lift consultants on hand.


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