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Advanced Safety Features in the Evolution V3 Home Elevator

evolution v3 home lift safety features

When it comes to home elevators, safety is of utmost importance. A home elevator should not only provide convenience and comfort but also instill confidence in its users. The Easy Living Evolution V3 Home Elevator is designed with advanced safety features to ensure a secure and worry-free riding experience for every passenger.


1. Automatic Emergency Lowering Battery System

One of the critical safety features of the Evolution V3 Elevator is its automatic emergency lowering battery system. In the unfortunate event of a mains power failure, the elevator’s advanced technology kicks in. The elevator will gently lower itself to the lowest floor and automatically unlock the door, allowing passengers to exit the lift safely. This feature eliminates the risk of being trapped inside the elevator during a power outage and ensures a fast and secure evacuation.


2. Full-Height Light Ray for Car Safety Entrance

The Evolution V3 Lift is equipped with a full-height light ray system, enhancing passenger safety during entry and exit. This safety feature creates an invisible screen around the elevator entrance, and if anything obstructs this screen, the elevator comes to an immediate stop. This ensures that no one is caught between closing doors or moving parts, preventing potential accidents and injuries.


3. 24/7 Two-Way Communication

Safety is further enhanced by the presence of a 24/7 two-way communication system in the Evolution V3 Elevator. This feature allows passengers to establish communication with our customer care call centre in case of any issues or emergencies. Passengers can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a call away.


4. Emergency Lighting

Darkness can be disorienting and frightening, especially in an elevator during a power outage. The Evolution V3 Lift addresses this concern by featuring emergency lighting. In case of a power failure, the elevator’s emergency lights will automatically activate, providing sufficient illumination inside the car, making sure passengers are never left in the dark.


5. Key Switch/Lock for Controlled Access

Security and control are essential aspects of safety. The Evolution V3 Lift is equipped with a key switch/lock in the car, limiting access to authorised individuals only. The key switch enables the operating panel to be turned on or off, ensuring that only those with the key can operate the elevator. This safety feature prevents unauthorised use and adds an extra layer of security, particularly in homes with children.


6. Compliance with Australian Standards

Safety is the foundation of the Evolution V3 Home Elevator. It meets all the requirements of relevant Australian Standards AS1735, ensuring that the elevator adheres to the highest safety standards and undergoes rigorous quality checks through Easy Living Home Elevators Quality Assurance process.


The Easy Living Evolution V3 Home Elevator is more than just a means of vertical transportation; it’s a commitment to safety, security, and peace of mind. With its advanced safety features, including the automatic emergency lowering battery system, full-height light ray, 24/7 two-way communication, emergency lighting, and key switch/lock, passengers can confidently enjoy a safe and comfortable ride every time they step into the elevator. When choosing the Evolution V3 Lift, homeowners can be assured that safety comes first, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and secure home elevator solution.


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