Easy Living Home Elevators Found In One Of “Australia’s Best Houses”


A modern resort style home in Ocean Grove, Victoria was featured on the Channel 7 Two show ‘Australia’s Best Houses.’ A television series that showcases some of the most exciting and visually stunning house projects in Australia. Watch the segment here.

The home owners Joe & Michelle were interviewed by presenter Gary Tackle (architectural commentator), along with award winning builder Mark Le Maistre from LeMaistre Builders.

For over 40 years, LeMaistre Builders have been creating and developing outstanding coastal homes. A family owned and operated business focused on building outstanding contemporary homes; Mark’s passion for customer service, creativity and quality is the reason why he constantly refers his clients to Easy Living Home Elevators.

The home ticks all the boxes on the project’s brief

In this project the homeowners called upon a custom designed home which was purposefully designed and built around their unique lifestyle needs. The result a luxurious resort style beach home in Ocean Road, Victoria, designed with sleek, simple clean straight lines, featuring a pool in the front yard and an amazinghome lift creates an impact of a relaxing luxury resort.

Luxury products high on the agenda

To heighten the resort-style feel, luxury products were high on the agenda and easy accessibility within all three levels of the home was created with the installation of an Easy Living Home Elevator, which works perfectly with a clean modern look.

The Lift model is available in over 90 design variations including adjacent entrances, the home owners were impressed when they found out they could do have this as it also allowed the lift to service the lowest level where the bedrooms are.


Designed with energy saving features

The environment is very important with the client; the home was designed as a primary focus on self-sufficiency from water tanks to solar panels on the roof for electricity. The home has also been designed to take into consideration temperature too by sending the cool air from the lower levels up.

The range by Easy Living Home Elevators excited the homeowners as the home lifts further reduced the households’ environmental impact. Designed with 25amp single-phase low power consumption, with the only energy required to push the lift car up, using the same power as a small electrical appliance!

The Easy Living Home Elevator has also been awarded “Class A energy efficiency” under the European Union Energy label. The Lift was tested at a standard rated load of 300kg and a nominal demand per year of 365 days of operation the rated value is 277,08 kWh.

Easy Living Home Elevators and LeMaistre Builder’s have been successful in adding luxury and style to this custom designed beach home.

Personalise your project Easy Living Home Elevators can help you realise your dreams for your home space. Customisable options ensure that your unique home design will be a success and our personalised service guarantees satisfaction. Contact us and speak to your local lift consultant, Easy Living Home Elevators will help you realise your dreams.


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