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Easy Connect

Easy Connect

Is your lift emergency phone ready

Important Notice: 3G Network Disconnection

If your elevator’s emergency phone uses 3G, it will cease to function as the 3G network is phased out. Elevator owners must upgrade their Lift Emergency Phone to ensure 24/7 contact for assistance.

Seamless Elevator Connectivity

Stay Connected with Easy Connect

“Easy Connect” is a wireless solution designed to seamlessly integrate your home elevator with a reliable network, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. With a fail-safe battery backup and quick installation, it offers peace of mind with a 12-month warranty. 

Say goodbye to connectivity worries with Easy Connect.

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Advanced Wireless Solution

Easy Connect advanced wireless solution features:

Trust in Easy Connect for hassle-free and continuous connectivity.

Crucial Reminder to Elevator Owners​

Ensuring your Lift Emergency Phone works correctly is a safety requirement and legal obligation.

At Easy Living, we provide Lift Emergency Phone remote monitoring for passenger safety.

Getting Started with Easy Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions on Easy Connect

Yes, Easy Living’s elevator emergency phone systems are designed to meet Australian safety standards and regulations, ensuring the safety and well-being of elevator passengers.

Yes, our cutting-edge wireless compliant solution comes with reliable battery backup solutions, ensuring that the emergency phone remains operational during power outages.

Easy Living provides systems with 24/7 monitoring capabilities. This ensures that any issues with the emergency phone are detected and addressed promptly. Contact us for more information

Easy Living does offer the routine testing of your Lift Emergency Phone via our remote monitoring system, which can detect if your emergency phone is responding or operational, ensuring its reliability in critical situations. Contact us for more information.

Contact Easy Living Services to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Our Customer Care team are available to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

You can reach out to us by phone at 1800 813 555 or complete this enquiry form.
Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

GSM unit with battery back up, cabling and all associated hardware for a standard installation.

Depends on your mobile service provider as some networks work better in certain areas, a simple check is to use your own mobile to check the signal strength or ask your network provider.

Easy Living Services supplies the unit with an external Antenna with 3 metre lead, a 5 metre option is also available.

In the event of a power outage, the phones keep working, with a 24 hour standby time on battery power and 2.5 hours talk time.

A standard installation is where GSM unit can be mounted in, on or in close proximity to the controller, 240v power is available in or in close proximity to the controller. Mobile signal strength is such that the standard antenna can be used.

You will need to provide an activated SIM card (standard size) from the provider of your choice.

The minimum requirements for the sim card are:

  • 3MB of data per month
  • Text
  • Phone calls (should only be used in case of emergency)

You may also choose to install an external mobile antenna to get a strong signal. Contact Easy Living Services for further information on 1800 813 555

Standard SIM size is required


A standard installation should take up to 3hrs. Once ordered we expect that installation would be completed within 10 business days in metropolitan areas.

12 months on parts and labour. Refer to our Service terms and conditions.

NOW! If your elevator’s emergency phone uses 3G OR 4G, it will cease to function as the 3G network is phased out. 

Elevator owners must prioritise upgrading their Lift Emergency Phone connection to ensure individuals trapped in an elevator can contact our 24/7 call centre for assistance.

Some older 4G phones that do not have a feature called ‘VoLTE’ (Voice over Long Term Evolution) will not be able to make and receive voice calls.

It is a legal requirement to ensure your Lift Emergency Telephone is “safe to operate”

Find out more about Australia’s major mobile network operators phasing out their 3G networks here.


3G disconnection has already COMMENCED

Moving to our emergency communication solution will ensure any trapped passengers can phone our 24/7 call centre, even in the event of a power failure.

*$1135 if you have a GSM installed,
  $1637 if you don’t have a GSM installed. Pricing as at March 2024 and may be subject to change without notice; site conditions and labour charges may apply. Contact Easy Living Services for pricing in your area and for more information.

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