Once you’ve made the decision to install a  residential lift, there are still many considerations that need to be addressed before you can choose the right elevator for your home.

Here are three important questions to help you decide.

What size do you need?

If you will be using your lift primarily for solo travel, you may not need a large lift car. However, those whose home elevator will be carrying a little more should consider one with more space like the DomusXL Lift. With a larger lift car, the DomusXL is especially popular as a disabled access lift, since it has space for a wheelchair and a caregiver with room to spare.

What design is best for you?

With many design variations, an Easy Living Home Elevator can be fully customised to blend seamlessly into your home. Different materials, textures and colours can be chosen across a range of features to make sure your home lift is totally unique.

How fast do you want to go?

If you have little patience and speed is an important factor in your home, you can select from one of Easy Living Home Elevators’ ‘Fast 4’ collection. The high performance Avanti, MRL (Machine-Room-Less) solution, was designed primarily for constant use in boutique commercial applications however it has taken Australia by storm and is popular in multi-storey residential homes – satisfying for all those with a need for speed.

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