Boutique Commercial Lifts

The premium AVANTI 1010 boutique commercial lift by Easy Living Home Elevators was the perfect lift of choice by Altis for a prestigious commercial project in Eastern Creek.

The clients were after the very latest in innovation, European quality and style when it came to their lift and selected Easy Living Home Elevators as their boutique commercial lift company of choice.

The fully DDA/BCA compliant AVANTI 1010 commercial passenger lift was installed to provide general passenger use. Servicing 2 levels, this commercial elevator features 2 hour automatic side opening doors finished in Stainless steel. The lift car was custom made and designed with sleek and luxurious stainless steel walls and finished off with quality European accessories to the highest standards.

This project has been a success for all involved.

ORONA 1010
European Boutique Commercial Lift with cutting-edge technology

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe, means the ORONA 1010 boutique commercial lift has been built to the highest quality standards while integrating cutting-edge technology and the most advanced safety features.

What sets the ORONA commercial lifts apart from other lifts is its cutting-edge drive system which is extremely energy efficient, operates almost silently and gives passengers a comfortable, smooth ride. The features of this commercial lift is further enhanced by its advanced engineering technology incorporating light weight traction ropes with longer lifespan and greater flexibility than conventional steel wire.

The ORONA commercial lift is fully customisable, both from the luxurious finishes and functional perspectives to meet even the most demanding specifications.


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