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Lift Safety

Lift Safety

Safe and Secure

Enjoy your elevator with confidence

Safety is at the forefront of every Easy Living Home Elevators approach to lift design, ensuring our Avanti lifts are equipped with advanced safety technology as standard, blazing a trail for others to follow.


Safe and Sound

Our elevators builds upon proven safety features, the result of 25 years of innovative research. 

Some of the numerous safety features included:

Optional automatic rescue device: When a power outage is detected, the system automatically takes control. Safely sending the elevator in an up or down direction to the closest level and opening the doors. Passengers can then exit the lift car fast and safely. 

Full height light ray: Car safety entrance protection to all entrances which stops the lift car immediately when an obstacle down to 50mm breaks the screen.

24/7 Service: Two-Way communication between the lift and our emergency 24hour call centre. 

Emergency lighting: Don’t be stuck in the dark! 

Key Switch/Lock in the Car: To lock and unlock the lift. Access can be controlled by a key switch, which enables the Operating Panel to be turned ON or OFF, this limits use to authorised persons only.

Emergency Alarm Button: To call for assistance. 

NBN Ready: Lift is automatically upgraded to the latest telephone technology.


Safety, It's in our DNA

Electrical locks: Lift will not move when the landing door is not closed. 

Mechanical locks: Landing doors will not open when the lift is not at floor level.

Car door lock: Provision against the risk of falling into the lift shaft due to self-rescue by trapped passengers. This includes a car door lock that prevents the opening of the doors from inside the car when the elevator is away from the landing.

Overspeed sensing safety gear: Automatically engages in the event of an ascent or descent that is too quick by engaging safety brakes. 

Overload indicators: Warning of overload conditions. 

Floor levelling accuracy: Prevents trip hazards.

Fire resistance: Of the car finishes including floor, walls and ceiling which meet the higher classification requirements according to EN 13501-1.

Security Features: Elevator can connect to customer owned security e.g. pin or swipe card.



The best in safety in the industry doesn’t have to cost extra. With Easy Living Home Elevators you’re getting the most advanced safety features – all standard!


100% safety rating on 10,000+ elevators

At Easy Living Home Elevators, every new elevator undertakes rigorous testing by trained technicians, prior to the handover of each elevator.

All components meet the strictest safety codes compliance to the latest Australian Standards AS1735 as well as quality standards, with the paramount objective of protecting you and your family with the highest possible level of safety ensuring peace of mind.

Easy Living Home Elevators are proud to be the only specialist Home Elevator Company to meet the toughest Australian and International Quality-Controlled Standards of ISO 9001 certification. Our safety culture is based on prevention, hazard awareness, continuous improvement and compliance with carefully-developed procedures. Audited by an external certification body.

We’re ready to be part of your project…talk to us


There is a lot more to elevator safety than meets the eye. 

Your local lift consultant will provide you with all the information on safety technology. If you would like to see the home elevator range in action, head down to one of our showrooms and displays in all major capital cities across Australia, located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

Our multi-million dollar showrooms coupled with 25 years experience and a wide range of elevators make the team at Easy Living Home Elevators the first stop for fulfilling your home lift dreams!

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