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Service & Goods Lift


Our ServiceLifts can be used for almost any purpose and can be custom made according to your specification

Easy Living Home Elevators specialise in ServiceLifts and goods lifts for vertical transportation in restaurants, hotels hospitals and private homes. German quality ensures our guarantee of reliability and safety with an emphasis placed on high quality materials and lift design to meet your every need and function.

Easy Living Home Elevators understands each product is quite unique, you are not stuck with “standard” sizes, every ServiceLift is custom designed to suit your application. With variations in weight carrying capacities, travel distances, door openings and the type of doors required.

Additional Information
Shaft Construction

Masonry, Self supporting tower by Easy Living

What is Important to You?

Budget price, Energy efficiency, For compliance, Least amount of floor space, Minimising pit and headroom, Ongoing servicing costs

Lift Type

Sliding Doors, Swing Doors