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EcoTRAQ2 Lift

Our 2020 EcoTRAQ2 TRACTION lift brings a level of sleek design and performance. Featuring all the luxury and technology Easy Living Home Elevators has become known for, as well as the latest in advanced safety technology, you’ll discover an outstanding experience.

Future-orientated whisper quiet traction drive technology and comfort bring you a heightened sense of effortless sophistication and a first-class travel experience.


Powered by a revolutionary motor positioned in the pit which is a first for Australia

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy

Impressive low headroom of 2600mm is achieved thanks to an optional low headroom kit

Requires only single phase power to travel at 0.3m/sec

Machine room-less system

Whisper quiet operation

Custom sizing down to the millimetre. Talk about flexible!

Additional Information
Lift Type

Sliding Doors

Shaft Construction

Glass tower by Easy Living, Masonry/enclosed by builder, Self supporting tower by Easy Living

What is Important to You?

Energy efficiency, Glass car walls, Minimising pit and headroom, Ongoing servicing costs