Sail away…

with Australia's most popular, 'DomusLift' home lift

Push the boundaries with creativity and uniqueness!

Easy Living Home Elevators teamed with one of our valued customers and have once again pushed the boundaries with creativity and uniqueness!

The residence showcases our best seller, the ‘DomusLift’ in a sleek, sophisticated, custom designed glass tower, positioned in front of a dramatic, eye catching and ever so quirky mural.

The eclectic idea derived from the owner’s love for sailing – showcasing his passion through vibrant and spectacular paintings which completely enhances an entire section of the home.

The surrounding space has been deliberately designed with lighter and neutral tones to ensure the home lift in its custom designed glass tower and mural are the dominant focus.

A white curved ceiling, white walls, travertine flooring and a tan coloured carpet were selected to compliment the theatrical wall and the impressive home lift installation!

A successful collaboration of ideas based on individuality, have made this home lift installation one of our finest proving once again, we at Easy Living Home Elevators have no limits!


Personalise your home lift

Easy Living Home Elevators can help you realise your dreams for your home space.

Customisable options ensure that your unique home design will be a success and our personalised service guarantees satisfaction.

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APPLICATION: Residential
PRODUCT: DomusLift


DOOR: Panoramic, anodised aluminium frame with clear glass
HANDLE: Standard anodised aluminium
CEILING: Firmament ceiling
RIGHT HAND WALL: A32PP white polished effect
REAR & LEFT HAND WALL: Clear glass
PROFILES: Anodised aluminium
FLOOR: Marble by client
CAR OPERATING PANEL: Brushed stainless plate
BUTTONS: Standard
CAR PHONE: Wall mounted handset
LANDING OPERATING PANEL: Brushed stainless steel

GLASS TOWER: By client