Low Rise Commercial Lifts

Reach New Heights

Easily access your boutique commercial premise with a fully automated low rise commercial lift

Today, lifts from ORONA the manufacturers of AVANTI lifts can be found in nearly every large city, around the world. So if you’re looking for the best possible boutique commercial low rise elevator for a new building, Easy Living are proud to offer solutions that go far beyond the industry standard, tailored to your individual requirements.

Easy Living will take you a step closer, in terms of cost efficiency, performance, reliability, sustainability and design.

Easy movement between these levels was devised by the architects in association with Easy Living Home Elevators. From the highest level, a fully automated lift provides vertical access from the top level down to the lowest level. The elevator design reflects the interior detailing found throughout the commercial premise, with stainless steel doors, brushed stainless walls and careful tile finishing.

Personalise your project

Easy Living Home Elevators can help you realise your dreams for your commercial space. Customisable options ensure that your unique project will be a success and our personalised service guarantees satisfaction.

Impressive State of the Art Showrooms available Australia Wide

If you’re interested in going for a ride in our AVANTI Lift, why not pop in to one of our impressive state of the art showrooms and displays in Brisbane (Bowen Hills), Sydney (Willoughby), Melbourne (Collingwood), Adelaide (Home Ideas Centre) and Perth (Redcliffe).

Qualified lift consultants are available to discuss our range and your needs in greater detail.


MODEL: Single entry lift car
TOWER: By customer

DOOR TYPE: Side stacking
DOOR FINISH:Satin/brushed stainless steel
LEFT CAR WALL:Satin/brushed stainless steel to side wall
RIGHT & REAR CAR WALL: Clear glass
HANDRAIL: HR04 curved handrail positioned on side wall
CAR FLOOR: By builder
PROFILES: Stainless steel plus inox

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