How creative can you be?

Easy Living Home Elevators have no limits

Custom designed elevators….the choices are endless.

If being active in your elevators design and customisation process is what you desire, then you won’t be disappointed.

An Easy Living Home Elevator can be customised right down to its doors, walls, lighting, flooring, finishes and accessories, and of course, there is nothing stopping you from adding your own touch surrounding your elevator.

You have complete creative control of your elevator design.


#1 for elevator flexibility

Easy Living Home Elevators are known as market leaders in elevator flexibility. We offer the most flexible elevator solutions on the market that allow us to fit our elevators to your designs, and not the other way round. This means that you can have an elevator completely unique to your home.


Make your home the envy of the neighbourhood.

The owner of this amazing 4 level, superbly finished villa, Geoff Longhorn from Runaway Bay wanted to make his DomusLift elevator an artistic room feature with a strong focus on his recent travels to Europe and the states. The result was Geoff’s amazing design, incorporating murals, which captured some of the beautiful places he had been to and enjoyed.

Experience a different city at each level…New York, Vegas and Paris!

Featuring New York at the Ground Entrance, the Eiffel Tower – Paris for the living areas (second floor) and Las Vegas on the bedroom level (third floor) & finally the rooftop level, which captures beautiful views of the Gold Coast, Broadwater and Surfers Paradise.

A glass enclosed lift car was selected by the owners as they wanted as much natural light as possible and the illusion of a spacious modern elevator, especially as space was at a premium. This, combined with a stainless steel mirror on the third wall to reflect the 4000 x 2800mm murals created a dramatic effect.

An impressive top hat glass tower positioned at the 4th floor – top level, was installed to create a sense of spaciousness and to capture panoramic views of the Gold Coast, Broadwater and Surfers Paradise.

The tower also served as a purpose of providing natural light down the lift shaft and into the home through the glass “panoramic” doors. The glass doors were also designed to show off the ram, pullies and cables creating a moving mechanical effect.

“Combining the murals and mechanics together, created a visual high-end three dimensional work of art, even when the elevator car is not at that floor. I also added additional lighting to enhance the murals,” stated Geoff


APPLICATION: Residential
PRODUCT: DomusLift
MODEL: 1C (custom size)


DOOR: Panoramic with clear glass
DOOR FRAME: Anodised aluminium
HANDLE: Anodised aluminium
CEILING: Firmament
WALLS: Mirror stainless on rail side
Full length clear glass on 2 walls
PROFILES: Anodised aluminium
FLOOR: Granite rocksolid (671)

“I would like to thank Easy Living Home Elevators for working in with me to help create the stunning effect with murals that I have used in our elevator. The team from sales to installation were great to work with, very professional and precise. I am very happy with the workmanship and finish of the elevator and fully recommend Easy Living Home Elevators for their service and back- up.”

Geoff Longhorn Runaway Bay