Home elevators: Affordable luxury

Residential lifts are not just an investment for now, but for the future.

For many people, the idea of having a home elevator installed would be dismissed as a luxury they can’t afford, but residential lifts are not just an investment for now, but for the future.

A couple Greg and Jan aged in their 50s located in Newcastle, just over 2 hours from Sydney discovered the Italian quality DomusSpirit home lift is actually much more affordable than they realised, with the costs of purchasing an elevator as low as the price of a car.
Home modifications such as installing a home lift can add real value to the property, which meant their home would be a real selling point if they decided to move on in the future, making the house attractive to a broader market.


The couple realised there was a huge range of benefits to installing a DomusSpirit lift in their home.
The most obvious advantages were:

 – The improved accessibility which would make a real difference in their quality of life.
 – Lifts and elevators can be a real help tackle with the shopping.
 – They also realised a lift is the perfect solution for elderly relatives or friends staying with them.

Looking to the future, it is impossible to know what mobility barriers they may face as they grow older. So by purchasing the DomusSpirit lift they would be preparing for the unexpected which could mean they are able to stay in their own home for longer.


Whatever your needs, Easy Living Home Elevators will have a lift solution that caters to your specific requirements.

This may be convenience, improved property value or enhanced mobility, but you can be rest assured a home elevator is an investment for both the immediate and far future.


APPLICATION: Residential
PRODUCT: DomusSpirit Lift
MODEL: Standard size 950W x 1300D mm lift car


DOOR: Blind Door
HANDLE: Standard black
WALLS: Skinplate – F12PPS Polished stainless effect
PROFILES: Anodised aluminium

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