Coping with mobility issues?

Cost of moving can exceed the price of installing a residential lift into your own home

The cost of moving can exceed the price of installing a residential lift into your own home.

Many Australians have faced the challenge of living with a mobility disability for their entire lives.
For one of our clients in Melbourne, Mark suffered from a motorbike accident in January 2011 and has had to learn how to cope.

Mobility issues has had a real impact on Mark’s everyday life, maintaining independence was very important to Mark’s self-worth, it is for this reason that modifying the home slightly to accommodate for mobility needs was the preferred choice to moving somewhere else.

Staying close to familiar people and places also helped provide a sense of comfort and assist Mark in getting back into a regular routine. One way to accomplish this was by improving accessibility in the home with the installation of a residential lift.

The DomusSpirit lift was the perfect solution to suit Marks specific needs.

The cost of staying at home

Some people might assume that home renovations would be more cumbersome and costly than moving to a ground floor home, but this is not necessarily the case. After examining costs, Mark discovered the costs of moving can be an incredibly expensive endeavour – transaction fees, stamp duty, insurance and moving costs all add up very quickly. Conversely, the installation of a DomusSpirit home lift can be completed efficiently and affordably with little intrusion into Mark’s daily life.

After research into running costs, Mark found the DomusLift range was affordable and energy-efficient, using as much power as a small appliance! This meant that he could enjoy the convenience of total accessibility in his own home without worrying about driving up the cost of bills.

One year on, Mark is loving the elevator and states “The DomusSpirit residential lift is the solution to my mobility challenges, Easy Living Home Elevators personnel are friendly and accommodating and complete the service of the residential lift to my liking – at the date and time of my preference”

Easy Living Home Elevators is dedicated to delivering a product that you can count on and will help you to maintain your preferred lifestyle and independence.


APPLICATION: Residential
PRODUCT: DomusSpirit Lift
MODEL: Standard size 950W x 1300D mm lift car


DOOR: Blind Door
HANDLE: Standard black
WALLS: Skinplate – A32PP White Polished effect
PROFILES: Anodised aluminium

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