Beachside Beauty

Showcases our best selling product, the ‘DomusLift’ glass lift

Embraces blue sky and ocean

How a structure will correspond to its natural surrounding plays an important role not only in the eventual design of the house, but also in how the occupants will interact with both. A harmonious relationship between built and natural environments will permeate all aspects!

The designer of this beachside family home, a gem perched on Newport Beach on the Northern Beaches, has happily achieved such a relationship between the residence and the spectacular ocean backdrop.

The beachside home showcases our best selling product, the ‘DomusLift’ glass lift in a 3 stop, masonry shaft, which consists of a clear glass back wall. This embraces nothing but blue sky and ocean when traveling from floor to floor, making the most of what the stunning natural surroundings has to offer.

The choice of lift finishes are delicate and subtle; a mirrored ceiling, stainless steel walls, white granite flooring and the clear glass door which were chosen carefully to unify all elements throughout the rest of the home.

The interior beach home design incorporates a contrasting palette of crisp white walls, sandstone wall features and dark mahogany floor boards which takes ‘beach house’ to a whole new level of sophistication.

This is due to it’s seamless and clean lines and it’s ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to decor and furniture. The expansive use of glass enhances the space and adds plenty of natural light and warmth throughout the beachside home.


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APPLICATION: Residential
PRODUCT: DomusLift


DOOR: Panoramic with clear glass
DOOR FRAME: Anodised aluminium
HANDLE: Anodised aluminium
CEILING: Mirror stainless steel
LIGHTING: LED downlights
WALL – RAIL SIDE: Brushed stainless steel with mirror stainless strip down the middle
WALL – REAR: Clear glass
CAR OPERATING PANEL: Brushed stainless plate
BUTTONS: Mirrored stainless steel
CAR PHONE: Wall mounted handset
PROFILES: Anodised aluminium
FLOOR: Granite Rocksolid (607)
LANDING OPERATING PANEL: Brushed stainless steel