Award Winning Architectural Marvel

Pushes the boundaries

Architectural genius taken to a whole new level with the help of Easy Living Home Elevators.

Residential lifts are designed to suit a variety of residential needs – with increased mobility on one end of the spectrum and revolutionary design on the other, the possibilities are endless.

Easy Living’s involvement in the Zinc House pushed the boundary for elegant design and exemplifies realised potential for architectural genius.


An architectural marvel

Clients adept in property development and the arts came to Denton Corker Marshall with a request to build the home of all homes. This architectural expert embraced the challenge and set to work on what would eventually earn him the National Award for Residential Architecture – Houses at the 2011 National Architecture Awards.

Combining artistic grandeur with family living, the Zinc House resolved building constraints and neighbourhood confines to create a space that combines airy views with a voguish layout. Entering through an art gallery, residents and guests immediately experience the owners’ intrepid style and are further received by an elegant, yet domestic ambiance. Simultaneously bold and tranquil, the Zinc House embodies one family’s vision for domestic bliss and artistic serenity.

With ambitious goals for prestigeous quality and style, Easy Home Elevators were the obvious choice.

The world leading DomusLift, proudly designed, developed and manufactured in Italy was the obvious lift of choice for the Zinc House.

The DomusLift was able to fulfil every objective for the Zinc House on account of the customisable options available and dedicated service of Easy Living Home Elevators team of staff.

Embarking on uncharted design territory, the DomusLift maximises every inch of the Zinc House location by occupying very little space and exhibiting a chic appearance. Serving two levels of the home, the DomusLift is characterised by its 800x1300mm through-entry car. This feature allows you to enter on one side and exit through the other – a convenient and aesthetically pleasing experience. Swing doors with panoramic glass and anodised aluminium frames was selected for the first level while a solid steel door opens to the second level.


Personalise your project

Easy Living Home Elevators can help you realise your dreams for your home space. Customisable options ensure that your unique project will be a success and our personalised service guarantees satisfaction.


APPLICATION: Residential
PRODUCT: DomusLift
MODEL: 2P/3 through lift car


DOOR: Panoramic (Level 1)
DOOR: C Blind (Level 2)
HANDLE: Anodised aluminium
CEILING: White with downlights
PROFILES: Anodised aluminium

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