Indoor Vs. Outdoor Elevators – Which Is Right For Your Home?

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Elevators – Which Is Right For Your Home?

Once you’ve decided to install an elevator in your home, there are some crucial decisions to make. The most important one is where you want your lift to be installed. You need to choose between either an indoor or outdoor elevator. The right choice for your home depends on your needs, as well as the layout of your home and property.

Here’s the essential information you need to decide whether you want your elevator inside or outside your home.

  • Convenience

One of the primary reasons many people opt for an indoor elevator is that the installation makes no impact on the appearance of the exterior of the home. So if you’re wary of changing the look of your house’s design, an indoor lift is the best option for you.

An outdoor elevator is popular because it enables those who use it to get to a higher storey without having to pass through the traditional entrance area of the home. You can travel from your underground garage to your first-floor kitchen or straight to your second-floor bedroom.

  • Space

You will need to make space for the elevator inside, which means giving up a little space for it. This will mean adjusting your interior to accommodate the lift.

If you’re short of space in your home, or don’t want to have to redesign an interior area to accommodate your lift, an outdoor installation is a good choice.

  • The elements

It is important to consider the elements when deciding between an indoor and outdoor elevator. Although outdoor elevators are built to withstand normal weather conditions such as sunshine or rain, an outdoor elevator might not be suitable for harsh climates with extreme weather.

Whatever option you choose, a home elevator is an excellent investment and will substantially increase the value of your home. If a member of the family is elderly or has impaired mobility, a lift can be life-changing. Call us today to find out about our extensive range of indoor and outdoor elevators.

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