Easy Living Lifts Range: Heightens luxury style feel in dream home

DomusLift: Heightens luxury style feel in dream home

Easy Living Lifts Range: Heightens luxury style feel in dream home

The latest proud owner of an Easy Living Home Elevator, installed into a new dream home in Mount Gambier, South Australia, a suburb renowned for its mysterious Blue Lake and gorgeous volcanic landscape, a popular choice amongst numerous vacationers in the world.

The new luxurious Lift services 3 levels in this beautiful dream home.

A custom designed through entry lift car, where you can enter through the front at Basement and first floor levels and the rear at Ground level, heightens the luxury style feel.

The lift finishes, reflects the contemporary home design. Anodised aluminium, panoramic glass doors with glass inserts were selected to enhance the natural light entering into both the lift car and lift shaft at the same time creating the appearance of spaciousness, making the lift car appear larger and greatly enhancing the lift space.

The soft, modern finish inside the lift car of polished stainless steel skinplate walling on the left hand side and a deliciously warm caramel laminate tone on the right hand side adding real warmth inside the Lift, a hot colour trend!

White ceiling with LED downlights and grey marmoleum flooring, complements the soft look and feel throughout the home, which speaks of ultimate comfort, whilst still maintaining a contemporary sophistication.

With an emphasis on sophisticated, relaxed living, the Lift by Easy Living Home Elevators has helped create understated luxury in this beautiful dream home.