Regarding: Changes to the Easy Living Product range
Dear Valued Customers
As you may already be aware, there have been significant changes to our supply chain over the past fortnight.
One of our suppliers, IGV of Italy have ceased production due to their impending sale.
The implications to Easy Living are noteworthy, but certainly not overly concerning. We had been preparing for the incorporation of additional products to our range for quite some time, however, I must admit, the cessation of production was not foreseen. It’s certainly created additional paperwork in the office!
 I summarise the situation and highlight important points as follows:


  • Easy Living Home Elevators is not owned or in partnership with IGV. They are one of our suppliers.
  • IGV have been our supplier since 2000. Both companies have enjoyed a great cooperation for 18 years.
  • Our technical marketing team are always looking for high quality innovative products to expand and enhance our customer experience and had found such products and manufacturers. We had finalised order specifications for the new display lifts in March.
  • The new suppliers and products are exceptional and have been chosen after a rigorous selection process in both technical and manufacturing capability. Remember we sell on average, 600 lifts per year so the manufacturer needed sufficient capability to meet our needs and needed a high quality reliable product.
  • We’re extremely excited to be working with these selected companies. My technical team of 4, including myself, have collectively over 123 years lift industry experience….we’ve used that to select only the best for you.
  • We have approximately 7000 IGV products installed throughout Australia so supporting you is vital to our brand and our business.
  • We currently hold significant stocks of spare parts to support our installed products.
  • Parts have been sourced from alternative suppliers including printed circuit boards and other electronic components that could be considered “hard to get”

So in short, as our customer, you’re in good safe hands with significant financial strength, technical capability and a great new product range.

We understand that a change of this nature from the industry leading company has certainly caught many off guard and has the industry tongues wagging. Our new products are awesome, innovative and exceptionally good quality. We’re proud of the future we’ve created.


So, in our 20th year, we are supremely confident that the products we have selected will keep us at the forefront of the home elevator industry for the next 20 years and beyond.


Yours faithfully,

Robert Pizzie
Chief Executive Officer
Easy Living Home Elevators