5 Things You Need To Know About The NBN Upgrade And Your Home Elevator

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5 Things You Need To Know About The NBN Upgrade And Your Home Elevator

You have probably heard about how the NBN will affect your internet at home or work but have you considered how it will affect your elevator. Yes, the new NBN rollout can affect your elevator phone, and you do not want to find out that it doesn’t work in an emergency. Now is the time to check your lift phone because some elevator phone technology will not be compatible with the NBN access network.

Here are five things you need to know about the NBN upgrade and your home elevator.

  1. Your emergency line must be registered with the NBN
    First, you’ll need to register your home elevator telephone number with the NBN. Registration won’t cost you anything, and it’s essential because it will help the NBN assess where help may be needed with migration.
  2. You need to establish your NBN rollout deadline
    Once you’ve registered your number, you must find out when the rollout is expected in your area.
  3. There is a transition period
    You have 18 months from the time the new network is rolled out in your area to the time that the copper network is disconnected.
  4. Your elevator may no longer meet legal safety requirements
    By law, the emergency safety phone in your elevator must be operational at all times. Because the NBN network is not guaranteed to work during a power outage, you may need to discuss wireless options.
  5. You’ll need to find out if your hardware needs to be replaced.
    Get in touch with us to discuss a solution so that you don’t find yourself stranded sometime in the future.

The good news is that Easy Living Home Elevators has a wireless NBN-compliant solution that is compatible with all existing hands-free and handsets, as well as all networks across the country. This standalone solution ensures 24/7 connection thanks to a fail-safe battery back-up that provides two-and-a-half hours of talk time. We can’t do anything about power cuts, but we can make sure you’re never stranded.

All you need to do is provide a SIM card when we arrive to do the installation, and we’ll do everything else. Installation usually takes around three hours, after which you can relax in the knowledge that your phone is NBN-compliant and you’ve got a 12-month warranty on labour and parts.

Don’t let NBN worries get you down – or leave you stranded! Give us a call today to order an NBN-compliant wireless solution for your home elevator.