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      Wheelchair StairLifts

      High Quality Italian product
      Single phase power supply
      Safe, ultra smooth and quiet drive system
      Installed either indoors or outdoors
      Easy to use
      No machine room required



      Award winning product
      Ideal where ramps are not possible
      Free-standing design
      High Quality European product
      Installed either indoors or outdoors
      Only single phase power supply
      No machine room required



      Australias most popular lift!
      Italian Quality
      Up to 6 levels of access
      More powerful Lift
      Larger, spacious lift car
      24,000 DomusLifts sold world wide



      Italian quality
      Automatic stainless steel sliding doors
      30 lift design variations
      Luxurious features
      Whisper quiet drive system
      Experience innovation at its best.

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The More Powerful DomusXL Lift, Designed for Optimum Performance

The economical and hydraulically operated DomusXL Lift with swing landing doors is perfect as a disabled access solution for vertical rises under 4m. It is by far our most popular model in limited mobility applications.

Measuring 1100x1400 and equipped with swing landing doors, it is an exceptionally spacious disabled access lift with a lifting capacity of 400kg to accommodate four adults or a wheelchair and a carer.

All models are custom designed to fit in any location, both indoors and outdoors and with minimal architectural impact and builder’s works. Prospective buyers can opt for a specially designed structural self supporting aluminium/steel and glass tower, allowing the unit to fit into small spaces. The DomusXL Lift is extremely versatile and has the flexibility to meet even the most demanding specifications.

When Quality Matters

Quality is what makes the DomusXL Lift standout from other types of lifts in the market today. This world-leading equipment has been designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy. It has been specifically “built to last” and to date, it continues to deliver its promise of quality, reliability and safety, along with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

A Lift Customised to Suit

With many design variations to choose from, including the option of a specially designed structural self supporting aluminium/steel and glass tower, the DomusXL disabled access lift can easily fit into any space, both indoors and outdoors. There is minimal architectural impact and you also get to save money in shaft construction. It simply has the flexibility to meet even the most demanding specifications, allowing it to cater to every need.

A Disabled Access Lift that is Versatile and Saves Space

From a building perspective, there is no need to lift the roof off to crane in cumbersome towers, the DomusXL disabled access lift components can fit right through standard doorways.

The space-saving dimensions of 130mm pit depth, 2500mm headroom requirement mean:
 NO wasted space in your disabled access application
 NO deep excavation
 NO ugly shaft protruding through the roof
Even our self contained control cabinets reduce the lift area requirements, making this revolutionary disabled access lift very easy to accommodate into your new or existing premises.

Reliability and Safety

You get to enjoy the confidence of having a reliable and safe drive system, thanks to the automatic return to lowest floor feature, integrated emergency battery lowering system, a full height light ray car safety entrance protection and few moving components that can wear out.


"I have purchased numerous lifts from your company and todate have not had any problems at all , the service received from the whole team has been exceptional from the sales people to the installers and would have no problem in recommending your company to anyone"

Yours faithfully,
Darrin Gale

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The Italian designed, engineered and manufactured DomusXL Lift is for limited mobility use and is capable of carrying a wheelchair and carer.


Meets or exceeds the requirements of the Australian Lift code AS1735.16.


The DomusXL Lift has a lifting capacity of 400kg
6 persons 


Speed of 0.15 meters per second (maximum) without home lift car door.


DomusXL Lift can service up to 3 floors with a travel distance of up to 4,000mm.


Front/single entry, adjacent and through car configurations are available. 
Under Australian standards you can have a maximum of 2 different openings in the lift car.  


Roped oil-hydraulic. Metal Sheave


The control and pump system can be located on either floor served in a cabinet supplied by Easy Living Home Elevators.
The cabinet is located to the side or rear of the shaft and can be positioned up to 12,000mm away.
The size of the control cabinet is 720W x 360D x 1500H mm.
Note: The Cabinet is not fire rated. 


In the event of power failure, the lift will return to the lowest floor with all safety features in place and unlock the door to allow passengers to exit. Our automatic emergency lowering feature is standard. The lift car lighting will automatically switches off when the lift is not in use.


Full height light ray car safety protection system is included as standard, to car door openings, for total passenger protection through the lift doorway.


Manual or automatic swing doors are available.
Clear opening dimensions 900 x 2000 mm.
Made from steel or anodised aluminium and can be powdercoated with over 260 RAL colours available.
A range of options are available from frameless glass doors to  solid fire-rated steel doors.
Various combinations are available at different landings to suit your decor.
Remote control opening doors are available.
Firerated doors are available. 

internal car finishes

Refer to our "DomusXL Lift" brochure for more information.

internal car dimensions

Standard size:
Maximum Width: 1100mm
Maximum Depth: 1400mm 


Hold to run button panel with key switch isolation.
Automatic return to designated floor is available.
Limited mobility accessibility e.g. braille buttons
Security features are available

landing buttons

One standard call button per floor with key switch isolation.

building requirements

Pit Depth : 130 mm
Head Room : Enclosed shaft 2500 mm minimum
                     Glass structure 2500 mm minimum
Headroom is calculated from the finished floor at top level served to the underside of the shaft.
Shaft Sizes : Refer to DomusXL Lift brochure or sample lift drawings

Optional Glass tower

Made from steel and can be powdercoated with over 260 RAL colours available.
Varous types of glass colours are available.

DomusXL Lift drawings