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The Iconic Pole House

Easy Living Home Elevators have pioneered their way into this coastal property, ready to provide the technical know-how and aesthetic grace to an iconic structure that only Easy Living Home Elevators can provide.

Bringing the very best aspects of residential lifts to the project, Easy Living home Elevators will help to bring the Pole House to the apex of its potential.


New direction for classic icon

As a treasure of the Victorian coast, The Pole House sits proud and tall, capturing the attention of passersby as they drive along the Great Ocean Road, it is where mobility and elegance will combine to produce a living experience unparalleled anywhere else in Australia.

With this sense of pride in mind, owners Kathi and Raymond Adams wish to preserve the house's pole foundations, walkway and concrete pad as they contemporise the main structure with a modern design that will reflect the beautiful location on which it stands.

It will feature doorways on both sides with views which extend from the Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet to well beyond Lorne.

The project is in the capable hands of F2 Architecture and Kathi is confident that as the project progresses, the integrity of the iconic structure will be maintained.

"Once it's rebuilt it will look virtually the same from the outside as it does now. The redesign will just bring the house into the 21st century and will make it a world-class property befitting its world-class location," she said.


The DomusEvolution Lift by Easy Living Home Elevators the perfect choice

The practical need for absolute mobility and a desire for premium aesthetic finishes to the finest detail brought the Adams' to Easy Living Home Elevators.

Mrs Adams said the more open, accessible design for the new home was needed because her husband Raymond had become wheelchair-bound since they bought the property.

They chose the DomusEvolution, due to its attention to detail and luxurious Italian finishes to the highest standards as well as the fact that it will effectively turn the multi-level home into a single level at the push of a button, adding luxury, style, convenience and value. The residential lift will be installed inside a masonry shaft and service two levels wihin the home.

The elevator aligns with the couple's desire to bring the home into the future - streamlined installation and efficient design wih the lowest pit and headroom dimensions of any automatic home elevator available on the market today, means no wasted space and no wasted energy.

What is more, the ground breaking DomusEvolution lift is sleek and contemporary and exudes the sense of class The Pole House demands.

Easy Living Home Elevators can help you realise your dreams. Contact our expert lift consultants today, who are available to discuss the benefits of our products and turn your design into a reality. Customisable options ensure that your unique project will be a success and our personalised service guarantees satisfaction.


Whether you aim to increase the accessibility of your home, add value to your property or simply improve your lifestyle, our DomusEvolution home lift is just what you need.