Brian Burke Homes recognise outstanding quality and service

16 March 2016

Brian Burke Homes has been dedicated to designing and constructing bespoke luxury homes in Western Australia since 1982.

Brian Burke Homes  are renowned for attention to detail and high standards of customer service using only the best products and the best craftsmen when building homes.

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DomusEvolution Lift provides Ultimate Retirement Lifestyle in RAAFA Perth

11 December 2014

DomusEvolution Lift provides Ultimate Retirement Lifestyle at RAAFA in Perth

Michelle, representing RAAFA contacted Easy Living Home Elevators. Her mission was to create the “ultimate retirement lifestyle in the heart of Bull Creek” She wanted to increase the quality of life, independence and mobility for all residents, ensuring they enjoy life within their capabilities and that help to keep them active both mentally and physically resulting in happy communities.

Safety was the most important consideration for Michelle; she was impressed with the DomusEvolution limited mobility lift, which was developed with the paramount objective of providing users with the highest possible level of safety ensuring peace of mind.

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Limited mobility lift solution for exciting new Yarraville, Victoria project

11 December 2014

Limited mobility lift solution for exciting new Yarraville, Melbourne, Victoria project

Phillip & Sandra were on the search for a limited mobility lift for their exciting new Yarraville project. Choosing the elevator for disability access was a big decision - they only wanted the highest of quality and reliability to complement their planned quality finishes throughout the complex.

That's where the DomusEvolution AS1735.16 lift comes in. The DomusEvolution comes designed with a range of elegant features that will make users feel safe.

Filandra Homes wanted to be sure that the limited mobility elevator has what it takes to look after limited mobility users. The DomusEvolution lift has been designed, engineered and manufactured in Milan, Italy, so limited mobility users benefit from impressive European quality.

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Brian loves the most popular home lift in Australia

10 December 2014

DomusLift most popular home lift in Australia

Brian from Rochedale in Queensland explored all the options available in the home elevator marketplace, it was important for Brian to know exactly what he was in for when it comes to quality, design and maintenance. Nobody wants to purchase a lift only to be struck by unexpected surprises, costs or hassle.

That's why with the DomusLift home elevator, what you see is what you get. This is the most popular home lift in Australia, so you know that it has to be doing something right. Having been designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy the DomusLift is made to extremely high European standards, so you know you're in the lap of luxury.

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WOW Moment - Elegant home with a residential home lift

10 December 2014

Elegant home with a residential home lift

Joyce from Mooloolaba in Queensland was on the lookout for a simple but effective home elevator to transport her between levels in her elegant home.

The DomusSpirit lift was the most hassle-free way of adding an elevator to Joyce’s existing home. Servicing two levels of access and installed inside her home with the most minimum of fuss. The Domus Spirit residential lift is also made with the highest level of Italian craftsmanship, designed specifically for home use with extremely safe and reliable technology.

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WOW MOMENT! Platform Lift a solution for staircase

10 December 2014

Platform Lift a solution for staircase

Staircases are difficult for those of limited mobility - whether in a wheelchair, on crutches or who have a bit of trouble moving around freely.

These make it easy for someone in a wheelchair to get up or downstairs by themselves. It's automatic and straightforward to operate, and can even be customised depending on the needs.

Even more convenient, this lift can be easily folded away if it's not needed during certain times - meaning you have the ultimate control and flexibility - that's always a plus! Along these lines, it can also be installed on both straight and curved staircases with variable gradients so it's highly versatile.

In addition, there's no machine room so your home or commercial area won't feel intruded upon with clunky gear.
Importantly it can carry a load of up to 230kg, meaning that it is suitable for powered wheelchairs.

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Finest in Spanish boutique commercial lift design - Check out the Avanti lift range

4 December 2014

AVANTI boutique commercial lift design

After listening to our valued clients needs, Easy Living Home Elevators offered the AVANTI 1010 boutique commercial lift, part of what is known as the Fast 4 range of lifts.

Covering all the bases, these Spanish designed, engineered and manufactured boutique commercial lifts to the highest quality standards, incorporate state of the art technology with exceptional reliability and safety features, in both residential and commercial applications.

Instead of traditional steel wire ropes, the Avanti range use traction ropes. Their lighter weight, longer lifespan and greater flexibility make it possible to put the elevator into smaller, more compact spaces for use with an eco-friendly motor.

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WOW moment – AVANTI Boutique Commercial Elevator perfect for warehouse and office facility.

3 December 2014

A construction management company were is search of a boutique commercial style elevator solution for their new warehouse facility and associated offices project.

Choosing their boutique commercial elevator was a big decision, they only wanted the highest of quality and reliability.

That's where the Avanti 1010 commercial lift comes in.

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Designing an accessible home

3 December 2014

Designing an accessible home


Proud owners of the “one and only” AWARD WINNING EasyStep low rise platform lift are planning for the future and have designed an accessible home.

At the push of a button the EasyStep cleverly transforms from a set of stairs into a platform lift, providing easy and safe access to the upper or lower level.

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WOW MOMENT! DomusLift proves popular in Sandringham, Melbourne, Victoria

26 November 2014

DomusLift home elevator customer from Sandringham, Melbourne, Victoria


Ludwik & Zofia have joined other happy DomusLift home lift customers in Sandringham, Melbourne, Victoria

With an emphasis on sophisticated, relaxed living, the DomusLift home elevator by Easy Living Home Elevators has helped create understated luxury in the incredible beachfront home.

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